X Suzie Allen

Suzie Allen

Special Education

After substitute teaching at CSMH for a time, Suzie Allen joined the CSMH staff in 2013 as an instructional aide in the Learning Center. She has two children currently attending CSMH. She holds a B.S. in Biology from SJSU, and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.

X Patricia Anex

Patricia Anex


Patricia Anex teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science. She has many years of teaching experience and has taught all the core academic subjects in grades six through eight in both self-contained and single-subject classes. She is a lifelong learner who has earned over twenty graduate-level credit hours in science education since coming to CSMH. She is known as an excellent academic tutor and has been actively involved in the homeschooling community. Ms. Anex is well-traveled and has lived in many states and several countries. She is the mother of three adult children.

X Vivianne Brager

Vivianne Brager

Business Administrator

Vivianne came to CSMH in August 2004 after a career in Law Enforcement. As the Business Administrator, she oversees Human Resources, facilities, contracts, payroll, accounts payable and state reporting for the school and makes sure everything is running smoothly. Vivianne has also been the Secretary to the Board of Directors for 10 years. She resides in Gilroy with her husband and two children. Vivianne enjoys cooking, camping and spending time with her family.

X Kelley Brown

Kelley Brown


Kelley Brown has been teaching art at CSMH since 2011. She enjoys the enthusiasm and creativity she encounters in her classes of kindergarten through third grade. Kelley has her B.A. in English from UC Santa Barbara and her California Clear Multiple Subject Credential from Pepperdine University. Kelley taught 6th grade for five years in MHUSD. She also taught 5th grade in Oregon. She took time off before joining CSMH to raise her four children. Her two youngest children attend CSMH. Kelley enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family at the beach.

X Russ Chagnon

Russ Chagnon

Physical Education

Russ Chagnon has been involved with CSMH since before it opened its doors in September 2001. His wife, Mary, was part of the original launch team and managed the school's website for the first 10 years. His two daughters, Katie and Emily, are both CSMH graduates. Russ began volunteering in and around his daughters' classrooms, helping out wherever necessary. In the fall of 2003, he began teaching K-5 PE and also helped out by coaching middle school Sports. Today, Russ teaches K-3 PE, emphasizing teamwork and good Sportsmanship. When he's not teaching, he enjoys the great outdoors by playing golf, abalone diving, fishing, hiking and spending time with his family.

X Paige Cisewski

Paige Cisewski

Executive Director

As Principal of CSMH, Paige holds the position of Administrative Board Member. Prior to her position with CSMH, Paige was a principal in Los Gatos. She worked actively, and was an integral member of the school's launch team, serving as a Parent Board member during the school's first two years.

X David Cross

David Cross


David Cross joined CSMH in 2002. He teaches 7th and 8th grade History. After graduating from the University of Santa Clara in 1979, Mr Cross joined the U.S. Navy and retired in 1996 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He has been teaching ever since. Mr. Cross has continued his education and earned a Master's Degree in HIstory from the University of San Diego and a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University where he was named the IT Graduate Student of the Year. During past summers, Mr. Cross has participated in the IISME program while working at local high tech companies including IBM's Almaden Research Center, National Semiconductor and Lockheed-Martin. He has also participated in summer seminars at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College and a history seminar in Philadelphia with the Gilder Lerhman Institute.

X Susanne Cuthbert

Susanne Cuthbert

Speech Pathologist

Susanne Cuthbert, Speech and Language Pathologist, attended U.C. Santa Barbara, where she earned her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences and the University of the Pacific, where she earned her M.A. in Communicative Disorders. She holds a Clear Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential, a California State License to practice Speech Pathology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). Susanne loves reading, horseback riding and spending time with her own two children as well as her students at Charter School!

X Stacey Daprile

Stacey Daprile

6th Grade

Stacey Daprile joined Charter School of Morgan Hill in 2013 with 16 years of prior teaching experience. She loves teaching sixth grade language arts and social studies in a project based learning environment. Not only does Ms. Daprile love to teach writing, she is also an active writer with her own blog. Ms. Daprile has her M.A. in Instruction & Curriculum with a reading specialist certificate. She has six children ranging in ages from 12 - 24.

X Vikki Davis

Vikki Davis


Vikki Davis graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Vikki spent time first as a game warden in Colorado and then as a Crime Scene Investigator. She discovered her love for teaching math at the high school level and spent six years teaching high school Algebra and Geometry at a private school. She recently moved into private tutoring for all levels of math. Vikki enjoys igniting students' passion for math through project based learning. She lives in Morgan Hill with her husband and four children.

X Nancy DePalma

Nancy DePalma

Administrative Assistant

After raising her family, Nancy decided to go back to work. She joined CSMH in 2003, and has enjoyed being the official meeter and greeter for over ten years now. Miss Nancy wears many hats at the Charter School and keeps everything running smoothly.

X Danielle DeRome

Danielle DeRome

1st Grade

Danielle DeRome joined CSMH in 2005. She studied fine arts at the Escola Massana, Barcelona and environmental and systematic biology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She has an M.S. in Biology and a bilingual (Spanish) teaching certificate. She has taught many subjects and all age groups, all of which were a lot of fun; but her heart is in first grade.

X Kathy Funke

Kathy Funke

Ag Science Elective

Kathy Funke developed and implements the hands-on garden-based Agricultural Science Program at Charter School of Morgan Hill. She received her B.S. in Agricultural Education at University of California Davis and her Master's Degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University. Kathy was one of the founding members of CSMH and both of her children are CSMH graduates. Her experience with inquiry-based learning through vocational agriculture and her strong belief in constructivist theories of learning has made her a driving force behind the development of project based learning at CSMH.

X Diana Gill

Diana Gill

Special Education

Diana Gill completed both her Bachelors and Master's degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University. She worked in Human Resources in the high technology industry for 12 years before deciding to take a leave to start her family. During her time out of the workforce, she volunteered heavily at her children's schools. She enjoys working with children and is excited to be returning to the workforce as an Instructional Aide. She lives in Morgan Hill with her husband and two children and is thrilled to be a part of the CSMH family.

X Ellen Gillis

Ellen Gillis


Ellen Gillis holds a teaching credential and a B.A. in both Advertising and English from San Jose State. She taught kindergarten and first grade for many years prior to coming to CSMH in 2007. She loved teaching first grade for the next six years and even had her own daughter as one of her students! In 2013, she made the switch to kindergarten and now enjoys getting students ready for first grade. Her daughter, Mary, has had an incredible learning experience at CSMH and her husband is a high school teacher in San Jose. She has three pets, a dog and two guinea pigs who currently reside in kindergarten.

X Shelly Guerrero

Shelly Guerrero

4th Grade

Shelly Guerrero holds a California Clear Credential with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. She joined CSMH in 2013, with 22 years of teaching experience ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

X Laura Hagiperos

Laura Hagiperos

Physical Education

Laura Hagiperos attended Cal Poly Pomona on an athletic scholarship with a major in Business Administration. She has been the Physical Education teacher for grades 5-8 and the Athletic Director since 2004. She served on the Morgan Hill Parks and Recreation Commission from 1999-2010, and also served on the California State Board of Recreation Commissions. Mrs. Hagiperos is the Director of the San Benito Athletic League.

X Kristin Harman

Kristin Harman

Spanish K-2

Kristin Harman attended SJSU where she earned a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a minor in Spanish, a Multiple Subject BCLAD Teaching Credential and a M.A. in Education Administration. She worked as a bilingual teacher in San Jose for seven years, spent several years at home with her son and daughter, and taught preschool before coming to CSMH in 2012 to teach Spanish to the K-2 students.

X Jon Hinthorne

Jon Hinthorne


Jon Hinthorne, or Señor Hinthorne as he is known to his 7th/8th grade students at CSMH, holds a M.A. in Teaching from Webster University and a B.A. in History and Spanish from Principia College. He holds a Single Subject Internship Credential in Spanish from San Jose State University. He taught two years at a private high school in St. Louis, MO, before serving two years in two different education-based AmeriCorps programs. Those years of service were in two underserved and underperforming middle schools in Boston, MA. From 2011-2014, he managed a group of AmeriCorps volunteers in a low-performing, middle school in East San Jose, founding an "Extended Learning Time" after school program for all 6th grade students to support their transition to middle school. He is overjoyed and grateful to be part of the CSMH faculty and family.

X Chris Horning

Chris Horning

2nd Grade

Chris Horning holds a Multiple Subject CLAD Credential from National University and a B.S. in Child Development from San Diego State University. After teaching 5th grade at a local private school, Chris joined CSMH as a 2nd grade teacher in 2002. She cherishes being a mother to her own five grown children, is excited about being a grandma, and loves teaching 2nd graders!

X Elena Hossain

Elena Hossain

Spanish 4-6

Elena Hossain teaches 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Spanish. She joined CSMH in 2014 with 13 years of teaching experience ranging from 1st to 8th grade. She holds a Multiple Subject Credential with Spanish from University of Texas Austin. She is excited to get her students speaking Spanish! She moved to California from Texas and loves it here! She lives with her husband and three daughters in San Jose. She loves traveling and going to the beach.

X Tristine Jakubs

Tristine Jakubs

Special Education

Tristine Jakubs received her B.A. in Sociology from Cal State Hayward, teaching credential from Cal State Monterey Bay, a M.A. in Teaching from Fresno State, and her Learning Specialist Credential from San Jose State University. She has been teaching since 2000 and at CSMH since 2005. She is currently teaching in CSMH's special education department. Away from school, she enjoys relaxing with her family.

X Karen Jordan

Karen Jordan

3rd Grade

Karen Jordan holds a California Clear Multiple Subjects Credential and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from San Diego State University. She taught 2nd through 4th grade in various school districts including San Diego, Los Angeles and Toronto, before starting the 2/3 combo class at CSMH in 2002. In 2007, Karen became a full-time CSMH teacher in 3rd grade.

X Michelle Kavanaugh

Michelle Kavanaugh


Michelle Kavanaugh has been teaching kindergarten at CSMH since 2002. She was a preschool teacher and director for 18 years before joining CSMH. Michelle has an A.A. in Early Childhood Education, a B.A. in English, a Multiple Subject CLAD Credential, and is completing a graduate certificate in Patient Advocacy at UCLA.

X Rosalinda Lemus

Rosalinda Lemus

Special Education

Rosalinda Lemus attended CSUMB where she earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies with a minor in Human Development. She is currently working on her Special Education Credential at SJSU. After being a stay home mom for five years, Rosalinda joined the faculty at CSMH in 2014 as an Instructional Aide. Rosalinda enjoys relaxing, outdoor activities, and traveling with her husband and daughter.

X Deborah Lera

Deborah Lera

3rd Grade

Debbie Lera has 20 years of experience in education. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA and an M.A. in Education from Santa Clara University. Specializing in curriculum design, she is a veteran teacher, staff developer, educational consultant and writer. Debbie is a contributor to the Core Ready series by Pam Allyn and the author of the book Writing Above Standard. She is a leading Common Core Standards implementation expert and developer of online professional development tools for educators.

X Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch

2nd Grade

Patrick Lynch has worked as an Instructional Aide at CSMH since 2012. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, and is currently pursuing a teaching credential through CSU Monterey Bay. He has volunteered for the Special Olympics and the Pacific Autism Center for Education. Loving Sports and outdoor activities, Patrick coached rowing for the last ten years, where he had opportunities to work with all ages and skill levels. He is excited to bring his energy from coaching into the classroom. He is also a singer songwriter, who strongly believes in the power of music to bring people together.

X Amy Marcotullio

Amy Marcotullio

Special Education

Amy is a CSMH parent and has recently taken on the role of Instructional Aide. She holds a Master's in Social Work from Southern Illinois University and B.A. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amy has worked with elderly patients, kids in wilderness based programs, and learning disabled students in traditional and residential school settings.

X John McPherson

John McPherson

5th Grade

John McPherson holds a Bachelor's degree in Aquatic Biology from University of California Santa Barbara and a Master's degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State. He has been teaching 4th through 6th grade for over 28 years. Before becoming a teacher, John taught aquaculture to farmers in the Central African Republic and worked for several years as a Fisheries Biologist on foreign fishing ships in the Bering Sea. He loves gardening, baking, reading, and of course, fish.

X Michelle Millard

Michelle Millard

Support Staff

Michelle Millard has been a part of the CSMH family since 2007. She started here as a parent of a 7th grader and soon began substitute teaching on a regular basis. Over the past six years, she has subbed both short and long term, and has recently taken a part time position as an RTI specialist. When Michelle is not spending time with her CSMH family, you can find her hiking, running, camping and or just hanging out with her family.

X Jen Miller

Jen Miller

Special Education

Jennifer Miller has been teaching since 2000. In 2005, she joined the CSMH family and truly believes in project based learning. She has a wide variety of elementary teaching experience. Currently, she is in the Special Education program. Jen received her B.A. in Liberal Studies from CSU Monterey Bay. She loves children of all ages and the excitement that each grade level brings. Jen is the proud mother of three little boys and loves to spend time with them.

X Lynn Mitoma

Lynn Mitoma

Spanish (3rd/4th)

Lynn Mitoma is the mother of a CSMH graduate who attended the school its first eight years! Lynn was one of CSMH's primary founders. She has served on the Board of Directors and is currently the school's English language coordinator. Lynn has an M.A. in Education Administration from SF State University and B.A.s in both Psychology and Spanish from UC Berkeley. She holds an Administrative Services Credential as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with Spanish Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Emphasis. Lynn has held a wide range of teaching, training, and administrative positions. She taught 6th grade Spanish here for several years, and currently teaches 3rd grade Spanish.

X Lori Mosher

Lori Mosher


Lori Mosher teaches fourth through eighth grade art and middle school Business electives including World of Work and Marketing. Lori joined CSMH in 2004. She graduated from CSU Chico with B.S. in Business Finance and a minor in Economics. Lori worked in the field of marketing for ten years and was a buyer for the Emporium stores. Lori took time off to raise her two children who both graduated from CSMH. Lori enjoys travel, time at the ocean, reading, and creating her own works of art.

X Stacey Myers

Stacey Myers


Stacey Myers holds a B.A. in Law & Society from the University of California Santa Barbara. She completed her student teaching at CSMH with Mrs. Pfefferlen in 2011. She is excited to be a part of the third grade team. When she is not at school, you can find her at the yoga studio or hanging out with her dog, Charlie.

X Linda Nelson

Linda Nelson

1st Grade

Linda Nelson joined the Charter School in 2004. Prior to that, she taught in San Jose Unified for six years. She loves teaching first grade and especially teaching reading. Mrs. Nelson received her B.A. in Child Development from San Jose State University and her Masters in Education from University of California Santa Cruz. Linda has taken a number of classes and participated in trainings in the areas of early literacy. She is fully devoted to each student in the classroom by being responsive to their individual needs. She believes that by sharing her own love of learning new things, she will motivate her students to do the same.

X Marc Northcott

Marc Northcott

Music & Drama

Marc Northcott has been teaching music and drama for over thirty years. He received a B.A. from San Diego State University in 1980. He has served as a drama teacher in Chicago and San Jose. After working on his teaching credential in Chicago, Marc came to CSMH in 2007. He currently teaches music to all kindergarten through fourth grade students. Every class also has a creative dramatics component. He also teaches drama to all fifth and sixth graders and a middle school Theatre Arts elective every trimester. Marc brings a high level of enthusiasm to all of his music and drama classes. He is married, has a daughter at Wake Forest University and a son serving in the U.S. Navy.

X Paula Osidak-Kerr

Paula Osidak-Kerr

Support Staff

X Susan Pfefferlen

Susan Pfefferlen


Susan Pfefferlen has been working in the education field for over 20 years. She worked in both private and public education before joining the CSMH community in 2007. Susan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and earned a Multiple Subject Credential from San Jose State University. She is currently out of the classroom in an administrative role, providing support for both administrative and teaching staff. Susan and her husband have been Morgan Hill residents since 1995, and have three daughters.

X Amie Roberts

Amie Roberts

Special Education

X Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Director of Technology

X Lori Sanders-Curry

Lori Sanders-Curry


Lori Sanders-Curry is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child counselor. She holds a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She has worked in the counseling field for 30 years and has worked in several school districts prior to joining the CSMH team. Lori has a private practice in Willow Glen.

X Krystin Sawyer

Krystin Sawyer

Special Education

Krystin Sawyer holds a B.S. in Home Economics with a specialty in Fashion and Textile Design. She worked at Apple Computer for 10 years in marketing before taking time off to have her three children. She has been a parent at CSMH since 2005 and has been working at CSMH as an Instructional Aide since 2010. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, watching her kids at various Sports activities and running.

X Sherilyn Shehan

Sherilyn Shehan

4th Grade

Sherilyn Shehan holds a B.S. in Social Science and a minor in Psychology from Cal Poly State University. She completed her credential program at San Jose State University and did her student teaching in the Franklin McKinley School District. She joined CSMH in 2014 teaching 4th grade, and loves being part of the 4th grade team. She enjoys the outdoors, playing volleyball, and spending time with family.

X Robin Sin

Robin Sin

2nd Grade

Robin Sin earned her Multiple Subject CLAD Credential from San Jose State University. She received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Child Development, from California State University Chico. She taught 3rd - 8th grades before joining the CSMH community. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her first five years at CSMH teaching 6th grade, she is excited to be a part of the 2nd grade team. She has two children, one here at CSMH, and one at Sobrato High School.

X Kim Sorenson

Kim Sorenson

Language Arts

Kim Sorenson graduated SJSU with a B.A. in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Humanities and a minor in Creative Writing. She continued her education at SJSU, Stanford, and various community colleges, expanding her knowledge in the areas of teaching and writing. She presented as a fellow with the SJ Area Writing Project and has taught for over thirteen years. Her passions are poetry, teenagers, and distance running.

X Kim Stevenson

Kim Stevenson

Special Education/Yearbook

Kim Stevenson has a background in Graphic/Web Design and Photography. She and her husband owned and operated a graphic/web design company for twelve years. She has worked as a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer, and especially enjoys underwater photography. Kim has worked as an instructional aide at CSMH since 2010. She is pursuing her single subject teaching credential in math, and is teaching the middle school yearbook elective.

X Amy Storlie

Amy Storlie

Iron Chef & Nutrition

Amy has her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from San Jose State. This has enabled her to be active in the health and fitness industry in the Bay Area for almost 20 years. She has been teaching PE, Nutrition, Iron Chef and Get Fit since 2008. Amy loves that CSMH supports teaching lifelong, healthy eating decisions. She enjoys cooking with her husband and three kids and stays active with those around her.

X Eva Swope

Eva Swope

4th Grade

After earning her B.S. in Human Development, Eva Swope earned her teaching credential at San Jose State University. She has been teaching fourth grade at CSMH since 2004. Prior to coming here, she taught a wide variety of grades in schools as close as San Jose, and as far away as Denmark. Ms. Swope enjoys teaching fourth grade standards to her students, but her most favorite part of the school day is read aloud. She also loves spending time with her family, going on road trips, and reading a good book in her hammock.

X Amy Tate

Amy Tate

Special Education

Amy Tate is an Instructional Aide in the Learning Center. She has a Secondary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Business from San Jose State University and eight years teaching experience at the high school level. She also holds a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Arizona.She enjoys the beach and relaxing with her family.

X Teague Tubach

aaTeague Tubach/h2>

5th Grade

Teague Tubach holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from the University of California Santa Cruz and a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Phoenix. He enjoys surfing, backpacking and cooking. Mr. Tubach is excited to be a part of the 5th grade team!

X Chelle Tuttle

Chelle Tuttle

1st Grade

Chelle Tuttle was born and raised in California, arriving in Morgan Hill at age six. She earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geology at San Jose State. Chelle earned her teaching credential in 2007 from Cal State Teach at Monterey Bay University and completed her student teaching here at CSMH. She taught first grade for three years before returning to CSMH in 2010. She has taught kindergarten, first and second grades at CSMH. Chelle has been a part of this community since her daughter Tabitha started at CSMH in kindergarten in 2007.

X Shani Verdon

Shani Verdon

Support Staff

X Alissa Weinstein

Alissa Weinstein

3rd Grade

Originally a SoCal native, Alissa moved to the Bay Area to study history at UC Santa Cruz. After completing her B.A. in 2007, she lived in Spain for three years where she taught English to children. Upon returning to the U.S., she earned both her teaching credential and a M.A. from San Jose State. She joined the faculty at CSMH in 2014 and is excited to be a part of the third grade team.

X Mary Williams

Mary Williams

6th Grade

Mary Williams holds a California Teaching Credential and has over 30 years teaching experience at both elementary and middle school levels. She was a first grade teacher at CSMH when the school first opened its doors in 2001. While at CSMH, Mary has taken on the role of Curriculum Coordinator as well as taught fifth grade. She currently teaches sixth grade and team teaches middle school math classes.

X Barbara Zizzo

Barbara Zizzo

Administrative Assistant

Barbara Zizzo joined CSMH in 2006 as an Administrative Assistant supporting the front office and business office. She is responsible for the health room, Human Resources records, purchasing and deposits, supporting the school lunch program, and Smarter Balanced/STAR test coordination and training. Before joining CSMH, Barbara was an Executive Assistant to a Founder and President of a Silicon Valley firm. She later assumed the Human Resources responsibilities for 11 years through a merger and acquisition. She took time off from her high tech job to raise two children, her son who is a graduate and former football player of San Jose State University and her daughter who is now attending San Diego State University.